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The Science of Creative Grooming: A seven week intensive course designed to help professional groomers to achieve the proper education and certification regarding creative grooming with Bullet Brown.

Do you want to understand how to get great results while ensuring the products you use are safe? Do you struggle with finding the right education? Want to earn your NAPCG creative certification title, the first and only comprehensive creative certification title available to professional groomers?

If so, this course will help you discover the science behind creative grooming. You will learn how to choose safe products, understand how to choose the proper products for individual clients, and of course get the best results. Passing your NAPCG creative certification exam ensures you are properly educated with the theoretical portion of your creative certification title.

This 7-week course includes live group weekly meetings, recordings of group meetings, downloadable study materials, a private student group, quizzes, and more with each module building on the one before.

This course begins October 19, 2020 starting with student orientation. There are seven modules, one new topic covered every 6 weeks with week seven being reserved for reviews and further study/preparation for certification testing. See what previous students have to say!

The price for this course is 797.00. For a limited time, this price also includes the certification exam fee (theoretical only) an additional value of 130.00, altogether far less than attending a weekend workshop!

Students who commit to participation, activities, homework, and quizzes will be able to reinforce and retain information rather than rely on memorization. This along with peer support from other students will make the written theoretical exam…taken at your own timing…much less intimidating. Not to mention the extra income creative grooming can bring to your salon. By implementing the lessons taught, students can easily recoup this expense within 6-12 months.

Enrollment is limited to 10 NAPCG members and the last day to enroll is October 16, 2020!

Although creative grooming has been around since pets have been groomed, my years as a competitor came at a time when creative grooming truly began to evolve. As I garnered my own wins in the competition ring, I began to see the products being used become more extreme. What seemed like a simple question…’Is this safe’? had no answers. There was no organization or entity who had real answers based on science and safety rather than results.


In 2009, I founded The National Association of Professional Creative Groomers, The NAPCG. What I discovered was that numerous professionals were as passionate about creative grooming as myself. The NAPCG is not sponsored by any manufacturing company and has therefore remained the most unbiased expert in the industry regarding truth in labeling, safety of the pets, and honest science-based education.


To prevent the same mistakes I had made, and provide groomers with the proper education, I designed and implemented a creative certification program for NAPCG members to ensure they were properly educated both theoretically and practically before the use of creative products. Just the same as professional cosmetologists require a certain amount of education before graduating.

Travel expenses, hotel costs, workshop fees, miscellaneous expenditures, and time off work have always been a hindrance for many NAPCG members, particularly those in other countries, but these concerns are compounded even more during the current COVID-19 situation. That is one reason I am thrilled to be offering our new Science of Creative Grooming Online Course! 


Remember, enrollment is limited to 10 NAPCG members, so get your membership and get enrolled now!

Questions? Need more information? Contact us at


My experience with taking this course was, without sounding too over the top, career changing. Having the group to lean on alongside the meetings to receive feedback and ask questions made the biggest difference. I don’t think I would have been able to succeed without the help. 

The coursework itself was so informative and incredibly useful for not only everyday work, but to feel so much more knowledgeable and educated in general. I am always looking for ways to improve not only my skills, but also my knowledge. This course gave me that. 

I feel way more confident in answering questions from clients, fellow groomers in forums or private messages, and in my own grooms. This course was invaluable. I would highly recommend it to any groomer who is looking to educate themselves and further their career! 

I feel more connected to my job, and also my fellow groomers who care about their clients. 

-Sarah Turner

As a student let me say a few things...

1. You will not believe the amount of information packed into this course.

2. This course is no joke, it requires study.

3. If you are even considering certifying you NEED this course! I can not imagine passing the certification process without this course.

4. Most of you found your way to the NAPCG because you have some interest in creative grooming. Most of you understand how much misinformation and controversy there is in our industry. This course cuts through all the BS and lays out the “science of creative grooming”

5. I seriously feel like I stepped my education to a whole new level.

6. The amount of personal attention and guidance made all the difference. There was never a time that I had a question that didn’t get answered completely and so that I felt I truly understood the information.

-Louise Canady Bass

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