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Tiny Pets & Professional Pricing

Many pet owners wonder why grooming their 3-5 pound pet isn't much cheaper than pets weighing 10-20 pounds....after all, he's only 5 pounds. But 'size' isn't the only determining factor when pricing a professional groom. Yes, your pup only weighs 5 pounds, but professional grooming is a service industry thus time is money and is a large determining factor of price as well. Your professional groomer must work very slowly with your tiny loved one. Their bones and joints are often fragile and if they struggle, they can injure themselves. To prevent this from happening, your professional groomer must use both patience and extreme caution.

Also, the equipment your professional groomer uses is often bigger than your pet! Again, this means your groomer must be extremely slow and careful so that your pet is not cut or otherwise injured during the grooming process. Just as within any other business in any other industry, professional groomers must turn a profit for time, skill, and expenses involved. Please respect your professional groomers charges. Remember, if they can't make a profit, they will be out of business....and you will be out a groomer.

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