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International Certified Pet Esthetician - FAQ Page

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Q - What is an International Certified Pet Esthetician?

A - A Certified Pet Esthetician or CPE is a professional groomer who has committed themselves to completing the CPE course and passed all written tests and a final exam.

Q - What does the ICPE course cover?

A - A LOT! The course begins with 'Science & Esthetics', ends with 'The Cnine & Feline Diet', and cover everything in between. Canine/Feline skin/coat anatomy and physiology holds a strong presence along with shampoo chemistry, conditioner ingredients, truth in labeling, and so much more. Click here to see full outline.

Q - Does this course apply to feline exclusive groomers?

A - Absolutely! This course applies to feline exclusive, canine exclusive, and of course both.

Q - Who designed the ICPE course?

A - The CPE course was designed by NAPCG president, Bullet Brown. Through years of research, Bullet deigned the CPE program for professional groomers who wish to expand their knowledge and services through the maintenance and promotion of healthy skin and coat.

Q - What company sponsors the ICPE course?

A - The NAPCG is not sponsored by any manufacturing company and therefore remains the most unbiased expert in the industry regarding truth in labeling, safety of pets, and honest science based education.

Q - Do I need to be a member of the NAPCG?

A - Yes. In order to enroll the the CPE course, you must be a member in good standing with the NAPCG. Click here for membership options.

Q - How long is the course?

A - The CPE course is intended to be a 5 month course.

Q - Can I study in my own time while working my job?

A - Absolutely. The average amount of study time required each week is 10 hours.

Q - Is there student accountability?

A - Yes. Students will meet live each week with Bullet to ensure weekly modules are understood completely.

Q - When are student meetings?

A - Student meetings are held on Mondays. Time to be announced.

Q - Can I complete the course, study material, tests, and final exam online?

A - Yes. All quizzes, tests, and final exam are administered online through our proxy program..

Q - Is the ICPE course for US groomers only?

A - The NAPCG has worldwide membership. Groomers from any country are welcome.

Q - What is the price of the course?

A - The current price of the ICPE course is .$2995.00 USD. However, price will be adjusted and increased for 2022.

Q - Is there a payment plan?

A - There is not currently a payment plan. However, payment plans may be offered for 2022. Payments are accepted through various platforms that offer financing such as Paypal.

Q - Are there any additional fees?

A - No. All material is provided through the ICPE program.

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