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How to boost your education with an International Certified Pet Esthetician title.

What too many professional groomers do not know about pet skin and coat esthetics!


Excess shedding, itchy skin, flaky skin, oily coat…all issues that most professional groomers see on a regular basis. After spending years researching what began as creative grooming, I quickly realized that skin and coat knowledge went hand in hand. Thus, began years of both researching and teaching the science and promotion of healthy skin and coat for both canines and felines.

Now more than ever, pet owners are realizing the benefits of having their pets professionally groomed. Professional grooming no longer consists of only cutting hair but involves proper skin and coat maintenance as well. As the professional grooming industry has expanded, so has the need for continuing education that has evolved to educate beyond the skills of breed standard grooming. While these skills will always be imperative to a successful groomer, the modern professional salon has so much more to offer. The NAPCG has once again stepped forward to set a high level of standards regarding canine/feline skin and coat.

This means you can position yourself and your business to thrive while helping others.


Hi, I’m Bullet Brown.

I am the founder and CEO of the NAPCG. For more than 15 years I’ve worked with thousands of groomers seeking science-based education regarding creative grooming as well as skin and coat. Prior to that, I spent two decades as a licensed veterinary technician. I have traveled the world performing seminars and workshops helping groomers to better understand skin and coat esthetics along with judging grooming competitions.

I have helped them to better understand not only skin and coat esthetics, but also how bathing products are created, how they interact with the skin and coat, and every topic in between.

In just a moment I want to invite you to enroll in our newest certification program, but first I want to share a quick story with you.


I’m no stranger to your struggle.


In fact, the reason I’m writing to you today is because I too found myself at a loss when it came to unbiased information. Sure, there were some small programs out there, but they all centered on promoting a particular brand of grooming products, were sponsored by a manufacturing company, or simply did not offer enough information.

I had those same nagging questions that afflict so many other professional groomers. How can I help a pet with dry skin? What about flaky skin? Oily? What’s the best shampoo for this cat? What about a conditioner for this dog?

I spent years investigating, researching, compiling, and gathering all science based information to be found rather than anecdotal evidence from others. Then spent hours upon hours translating this information into a program that groomers could understand.

Fast forward to 2021 and the International Certified Pet Esthetician course is a reality!

This 12-month online certification program is a science-based, college level course that covers in-depth skin/coat anatomy, shampoo ingredients and formulations, and how conditioners and finishing products work. But that’s not all! It also includes holistic spa treatments, proper bathing/drying, safety and sanitation, diet and so much more.

Is it possible to pursue a real education in skin and coat esthetics that is truly unbiased?


In fact, it’s now possible to learn more than you imagined through the NAPCG’s International Certified Pet Esthetician course!

The NAPCG is not sponsored by any manufacturing company and has therefore remained the most unbiased expert in the industry regarding truth in labeling, safety of the pets, and honest science-based education.



Your Path is Here!

After teaching esthetician topics for years, the information I’ve learned and gathered has been invaluable to my own salon. In fact, a large portion of our clients get no haircut at all. Their owners now realize that a regular schedule helps maintain and promote healthy skin and coat…even if they own a breed that never gets a trim!

I want to help groomers help their clients without feeling obligated to a specific brand or manufacturing company, so I pulled together all the information I’ve taught through the years and delved even deeper to compose the International Certified Pet Esthetician course.

This education allows you to expand your skills in maintaining and promoting healthy skin and coat. You’ll learn to recognize common skin issues and understand when and how to make a veterinary referral. Your understanding of shampoo, conditioners, and finishing products will allow you to choose the proper products for each individual client. Not only will this knowledge allow you to expand your services, but to also gain a new professional respect from your clients.



Stop guessing and make confident decisions based on science. See what students are saying!


“The certifying courses I have taken through the NAPCG have been some of the most challenging I have taken. However, they have been the most interesting, informative, and useful. The feeling I get from being able to answer client questions, knowing I am backed by science and evidence, is so gratifying. I feel confident promoting this course to anyone who wants to advance their knowledge and enhance their skills.” Sarah T.

"The International Certified Pet Esthetician course with the NAPCG is an absolutely essential course for all professional pet groomers. It really scrutinizes the very nature of what we do and why we do it. The level of knowledge that this course ventures into is unsurpassed by any other course of its type. It’s challenging and enlightening and unbelievably fascinating. Our job as pet groomers is to look after the skin and coat of the pets in our care. I believe this can only be done properly with the knowledge gained by this course."  Stuart S.

"This course is full of interesting information and is presented extremely well.  It is not an easy course but if you want to learn something with substance and something that will give you that edge and ability to educate your clients and help get their pets’ skin and coat into much better condition and maintain it, then this course is for you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who really wants to be a groomer who is armed with knowledge that is truly valuable. There is no other course out there like it." Debra N.

“I have been actively seeking a course that was more in-depth and would provide me with the ability to understand and deal with various skin issues, as well as know more in depth about PH and product ingredients. I am thrilled with not only the range of subjects, but how detailed the ICPE program by NAPCG is. You will not find education like this anywhere else outside a college! I am an experienced groomer of 18 years, with over 30 extra education sources(webinars/books/seminars) on skin, coat, products, natural remedies, etc…yet I am learning so much. This course is a great fit for the groomer that has passion for their industry, the groomer that wants to understand WHY that product will get that reaction, and be able to look at skin and ingredient lists and know what to do.” Joanne P.

"Bullets delivery of the modules is clear and concise and all of the education needed to pass each test is reinforced many times over so that it’s digestible and understandable. There is an amazing  level of support that comes from the weekly meetings with all of the students on the course with you, wherever they are in the world…via Zoom and hosted by Bullet herself."  Stuart S. 



Bullet is an excellent instructor and helps in every way that she can because she wants you to succeed.  She is passionate about what she is teaching, and you can tell she loves it.  That helps me as a student to want to know what she is sharing.” Debra N.


What gave me confidence in this course was knowing that the instructor was Bullet Brown, who on top of being a vet tech and groomer for over 20 years, is well known for her pursuit of knowledge.”

Joanne P.



Enrollment for this 12-month course is 4295.00. This price alone is a steal considering all the offset expenses of attending numerous seminars and classes. My usual charge for 12 months of one-on-one meetings would also greatly exceed this price.

Groomers might balk at the price, but once you get into the course and realize just how much information is there, you will see that it is a very good price. Even though I am currently only on Module 6, I have been able to use what I am learning to understand bacteria & virus in the salon, Coat color genetics in my clients, and more.” Joanne P.


Members who commit to participation, activities, homework, and live meetings will be able to reinforce and retain information rather than rely on memorization. This, along with student support, makes learning this information much less intimidating. The NAPCG is the first and only organization that sets a high standard of education for real professionals into areas of our profession that often remain neglected. Now is your opportunity to be on the forefront!

Enrollment opens April 29th, 2022.  Enrollment will close June 30th, 2022 and will be limited to 25 NAPCG members.

*All students must be members in good standing with the NAPCG.

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