National Association of Professional Creative Groomers

Promoting safety and education in the grooming industry since 2009

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I still eligible for a membership if I do not live in the U.S.?

Yes. The NAPCG does accept international memberships. We currently have members from all around the globe.

When will my membership benefits become available?

You will be notified when an executive officer has approved your application. Once it has been approved, you will be sent an official membership packet, including the code of ethics which is applicable to every NAPCG member. You must review, sign, and return the code of ethics. Once the NAPCG has received your signed copy of the code of ethics, your benefits will become available.

Why isn’t membership free?

The NAPCG does charge $60.00 annual membership fee for U.S./Canada membership and a $45.00 annual renewal fee. The NAPCG charges a $70.00 annual membership fee for all other countries with a $55.00 annual renewal fee. In order to provide members with exclusive benefits, we must charge a minimal fee to cover operational expenses for each member’s paperwork. Discounted memberships are often available at grooming shows attended by the NAPCG or through workshops.

Who can view the facebook member page?

Only NAPCG members are able to view information on the facebook member group. Remember that the group is not the same as the ‘fanpage’ which is visible to the public.

Can I become a certified groomer?

Any professional groomer wishing to certify must first be a member in good standing with the NAPCG. Visit the certification page to learn more about the certification process!