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Certifiers & Instructors

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Stuart Simons
Bullet Brown
Michele Grenkow

Stuart is proud to have been at the forefront of the British Grooming Industry for over 10 years. Having entered from another creative industry, he recognized comparisons within the two and has worked hard to try to change its public profile from hobbyist to highly skilled by creating The Groomers Spotlight. In his quest to change the face of grooming and to raise the professional profile of the industry, Stuart has appeared on many TV shows including Jonathan Ross, This Morning, Lorraine, Alan Titchmarsh, Channel 5 News, GMTV, and many more.


Stuart has judged and lectured at many grooming shows around the world and specializes in safety within Creative Grooming. 


A former Director of Grooming for the BDGA, He is also a fully qualified, experienced and professional groomer having achieved the Open College Network West Midlands and City and guilds Level 3 Diploma as well as being one of only two groomers in Europe to hold the Qualification for Creative Groomers and the only European Groomer to achieve Masters marks in this qualification. This has led to him being the European examiner for the same qualification through the NAPCG.


Stuart owns 2 salons in the UK and came to the attention of the press when he dyed Emma Watsons dog pink for a breast cancer charity. He is incredibly proud to be a supporter of education within the grooming industry.

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NAPCG president, Bullet Brown, has spent more than three decades working with canines. After spending almost 20 years working as an LVT in the veterinary industry, Bullet found herself nestled within professional grooming.

After spending time as a winning competitor, even securing the title Creative Groomer of the Year 2009 and creating two of the most recognized creative grooms in the world, Zombie Poodle and Bama Poodle, Bullet pursued her real passion, educating the professional grooming industry. In 2009, Bullet developed the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers giving professionals the opportunity to acquire a safe and scientific education to enhance their careers.

 In addition to operating her own salon and serving as president of the NAPCG, Bullet travels the world as an international speaker and judge at events, workshops, and private consultations. Bullet was the first American dog groomer to speak at Pet Vet Russia in Moscow in 2011 as well as The DogBrands Fashion show in Kiev, Ukraine in 2013.

Bullet is author of both The Science of Creative Grooming and Creative Grooming 101.  She implemented the first and only comprehensive creative grooming certification program and continues to educate and certify groomers around the world.

After a terrible health ordeal in 2017, Bullet ended up as a bilateral amputee. Both her lower left leg and lower left arm were amputated. After numerous surgeries and hospitalizations, Bullet spent most of 2018 recovering and relearning a skilled profession that was never intended for amputees. But it happened…with much struggle and frustration, Bullet powered through supported by the grooming industry. Without watching, you would never know a dog had been professionally groomed with one hand.

With knowledge in numerous topics regarding canines, Bullet is one of the most powerful speakers in the pet industry. With the safety of pets as top priority, the true professionals in an unregulated industry continue to make the NAPCG one of the fastest growing organizations in the pet industry.

Michele Grenkow is owner of the world-renowned Animal Haven Grooming Salon located in Surrey, British Columbia. Animal Haven is also a distinguished grooming school producing top quality professionals within the industry.

Michele is a multiple award-winning professional grooming competitor with a background that began in the veterinary industry. She is also fully qualified with The Canadian Professional Pet Stylists.

. Michele is also an active participant within the canine show world, as a handler, judge, and owner of Great Danes.

. In addition to assisting with the daily operations of the Animal Haven, Michele’s husband Darcy is owner of Finishing Edge Sharpening servicing both Canada and the US.

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