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No Compromise on Safety & Comfort

The National Association of Professional Creative Groomers was founded in 2009 to provide groomers with the necessary information to understand and effectively utilize creative grooming techniques in the salon as well as the competition ring without compromising the comfort or safety of the animal involved. While the NAPCG benefits groomers, we serve the animals as we promote safety and quality in creative grooming by defining and supporting standards of excellence for the grooming industry. Through NAPCG-sponsored lectures and educational material such as exclusive publications, groomers are able to expand their repertoire of professional skills beyond the basics, increasing their business’ marketability while safely unleashing their creativity.

Whether a groomer is a seasoned creative competitor or simply looking for new, exciting techniques to introduce into their salon, the NAPCG has something to offer. A membership with the organization, subscription to CGQ: Creative Groomer Quarterly, participation in workshops, webinars, and lectures are excellent ways to start learning or to add to existing creative knowledge.